How does the Sullair Air-End Exchange Service Work?

In the event your machines air end required repair or replacement you have two options:

  • Your air end can be removed and returned to one of our air end rebuild centres (Melbourne, Perth or Mackay) at which time it will be fully stripped and assessed. You will be advised of the cost to repair and the required lead time,
  • Alternatively you can purchase an off the shelf replacement air end from your local Sullair service centre. Your old air end is returned as a ‘trade in’ on your new air-end.

Clearly the ‘off the shelf’ replacement reduces down time for your machine however is not always the right choice..

Call 1300 COMPRESSOR to speak with your local service manager and discuss which option is best for your machine.


Compressor Air-End Tear-Down

Every air-end returned to Air-end Rebuild Centres is fully disassembled, and each part inspected and assessed for serviceability. A comprehensive factory ‘tear-down’ report is prepared and returned to the end-user—providing useful feedback on causal factors. Components will either be re-machined or replaced as necessary, before the air-end is reassembled, lubricated and inspected. The rebuilt unit is then stored at the Air-end Rebuild Centres, or shipped to a regional service centre, to meet expected future demand. The service history of each air-end is meticulously recorded for ongoing reference throughout the life of the unit. 

An end-user does not necessarily need a service agreement with Sullair Australia to take advantage of the air-end replacement service, although service plans that include air-end replacement can be incorporated into existing and new service agreements.

  • Tested to the highest quality standards

  • Stocked with multiple gearing options

  • Sullair Air-End Exchange Service uses only genuine Sullair parts

  • Available for Sullair Diesel Portables, Champion and ShopTek compressor ranges

  • A full two year factory warranty* (Terms and conditions apply)

  • Seven national support locations

  • Serviced by factory trained technicians