Sullair offers a range of compressed air services for all makes and models. We provide a range of support services from installation, commissioning, routine and programmed maintenance, 24/7 breakdown service, hands-on and online training. Our service network spans both regional and metropolitan areas across Australia.

Sullair offers various support services based on your requirements.

We provide:
  • Installation & commissioning Service
  • Breakdown Service
  • Preventative Services
  • Air-end Exchange Service
  • Partner Care Maintenance Service
  • Customised Maintenance Service

We can even help you evaluate, monitor, and manage your compressed air system ensuring your compressed air supply and demand requirements are optimized for cost efficiency.

The importance of air compressor to your business

In choosing your support requirements think about your business – how important is compressed air to your business? What production processes would stop if your air compressor failed? At many companies, the cost of lost production and downtime in just a few days will often exceed the total purchase price of the compressor. Keeping your air compressor running efficiently through correct service and maintenance will save you thousands every year and ensure your air is always there.

Call on 1300 COMPRESSOR (266 773) to speak with your local service manager and discuss your service requirements and how Sullair can save you money.



Sullair aircompressor breakdown service repairs

Sullair air compressor Installation & Commissioning Service

Sullair Preventative Air Compressor Service

Partner Care Mainteinance Service provides economical fixed price servicing for all compressors.

Sullair customised air compressor maintenance service