Customer Overview

World’s largest Metal and Electronics recycler based in Kwianna, Western Australia.


Identifying the Problem

The Air Compressor System forms an integral part of the new non-ferrous recovery system/plant (OLRP) used in machinery to separate and process non-ferrous metals. The compressed air system has to operate in a harsh, dusty environment with the ambient temperature reaching 50°C, whilst still ensuring reliable operation.

The demand also varied from 50% to 100% and the system had to be designed to cope with 24 hour operation without compromising on the quality of air, which demanded a pressure dew point of -40°C.

Another key factor in the decision making process was energy consumption and being environmentally friendly.


Offering a Solution

Thorough analysis of the working environment, the customer’s key requirements were energy efficiency and capacity to manage high ambient temperatures in a dusty environment.

The VOC range compressors utilise Sullair’s proven, reliable air end, which maintains constant pressure and lowers energy consumption. The VOC range of compressors are also proven to lower overall energy consumption by up to 13% when operating with varying loads.

The rugged design of the VOC range also allows for reliable operation of the compressor in the harshest of conditions, including ambient temperatures of up to 50°C.

Best industry practices were also applied in selecting a range of suitable accessories including dryer, air receivers and filters to complete the package requriements.


The End Result

Overall energy cost was reduced by $18,400 per compressor per annum. With 3 compressors in use this resulted in total savings of $55,200 per year, resulting in a rapid payback.

The customer was also able to meet their strict corporate environmental commitments, by lowering energy usage and minimising their carbon footprint, without compromising the quality of air supply.