Plant Mechanical Engineer Paul Vong & Polythene Process Control Engineer David Jazzini start up the new VOC110
The 316 Stainless Steel VOC110 installed in position and being commissioned.

Customer Overview

A major Chemical Plant in Sydney NSW.


Identifying the Problem

A highly corrosive environment, coupled with Salt Laden Air and Coal Dust.

The customer had enjoyed many years of reliable service from their Sullair Champion 110kW Compressor, but the mild steel casing was at the end of its life.

Plant Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Paul Vong, approached Sullair for a replacement solution which would extend the life of the machine when exposed to such a harsh environment.


Offering a Solution

Sullair proposed a VOC110 Compressor with a bespoke casing constructed from corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel, mounted on a heavy section hot dip galvanized base.

The Sullair VOC110 Compressor is equipped with Sullair’s renowned “Variable Output Control” technology. VOC is a reliable mechanical load trimming system, which reduces energy consumption by matching the Compressor output to the imposed load. This is done without the use of complex electronics, which would be vulnerable in such a harsh and corrosive environment.


The End Result

The Sullair Compressor was successfully installed at the end of August, by Sullair’s preferred installation partner, Flow Control Engineering, without any interruption to Plant Production. The compressor was brought online immediately and has been operating perfectly ever since.

Mr. Paul Vong commented that, “Our project team and Engineering Manager were so impressed by the professionalism of the installation and the compressor changeover, it was agreed that this would be the standard by which all future projects are measured.”