Sullair portable compressors

With a complete range of industrial diesel portable compressors and industrial drill compressors alongside our range of utility and open frame compressor products, Sullair is sure to have a solution to meet your requirements.

Our full line of portable compressors range from 100 to 1600 cfm and output pressures from 100-500psi.

All of our small portable compressors up to 425 cfm are road registrable and can include single-axle, tandem axle, tri-axle, four-wheel steer able and without running gear. Our portables are powered by Caterpillar® and John Deere® diesel engines.

Other product features;

  • Designed for continuous duty

  • 0 to 100% capacity control

  • Easy serviceability with ample service doors

  • User-friendly control panel

  • Protective shutdown functions


  • Portable Compressors By CFM

    Our full line of portable rotary screw compressors, 100 to 1600 cfm, in standard, high pressure and utility models, are designed for total accessibility and reliability.

  • Portable Compressors By PSI

    Our full line of portable rotary screw compressors, split by PSI. 

  • Diesel Compressors

    Diesel Portable Compressors by Sullair

  • Open Frame Compressors

    Designed to meet your outdoor stationary needs.

  • Utility Compressors

    Designed for mounting on utility-type trucks, our Utility compressors come with fork lift pockets to facilitate installation and maintenance.