The Eyre Peninsula Field Days are a biennial event between Cleve, Paskervill, and Sullair. The field day took place from August 9th – 11th and with the Sullair 185A Portable Compressor and S58’s on display. The Field Days drew an average of 25,000 people over the three days, with visitors travelling from the upper and mid-north Eyre Peninsula, as well as interstate.

After attending the Field Day Paskerville in 2015, this year it was Cleve’s turn to host the event. It is safe to say that even though we were confronted with dreary weather, all who attended were able to take a lot out of the day, with a lot of interest being generated in the Sullair range, with particular interest shown in the Sullair 185 Portable Diesel Compressor by farmers.

The need for portable diesel air compressors is significant for farmers with growing crops due to the heavy reliance on harvesting machinery (predominantly headers). This machinery needs to be blown down on a regular basis in order to reduce the risk of fire and to minimise the risk of the crops being contaminated. Sullair Portable Diesel Compressors provide farmers with flexibility to blow down multiple machines across multiple paddocks. The Portable Diesel Compressor is becoming the tool of choice. With the price of a typical header valued at approximately $800,000, a portable diesel compressor valued at approximately $22,000 can add to the working life of header and therefore provide farmers with a significant return on investment.

Sullair’s new 185A Portable Diesel Compressor was extremely well received by the farmers. Some of the features that drew most attention included:
• The Dual Cyclonic Air Filters 
• Automotive Fuses
• Stainless Steel Hinges and Fittings
• Kubota Diesel Engine
• Spin-on Spin-off Oil Separator Filters
• Australian Running Gear
• 75Ltr Fuel Tank

With the overall ease of maintenance, practical layout of the machine and affordable price, the Sullair 185A Portable Compressor made the Sullair stand a popular place to visit.