Sullair and Champion set the benchmark for reliable compressed air supply. Our commitment to staff training enables us to remain the experts in compressed air.
Sullair Training equips our highly skilled technicians with the necessary skills to maximise uptime for your compressor. That’s why we only endorse servicing in accordance with recommended intervals by properly trained Sullair technicians using genuine OEM parts.
Centered on the principles of operation and component function 
our training covers:
Air Systems Management
Condensate Management 
Pipe System Designs
Air Drying Technologies
Filtration Specifications
To ensure Sullair expert training spans our entire network, we also offer training to our distributors and selected customers. This helps us deliver the same dedication and consistency that underpins Sullair Australia’s expert standard. Our training programs and courses will improve your knowledge in the operation, maintenance and service of air compressors, chillers and ancillaries. 
By continually improving the professional knowledge and skills of our technicians, sales engineers, support staff, distributors and selected customers, we are able to provide a superior service for your Sullair or Champion air compressor.
To find out more simply contact Sullair Training on 1300 266 773.