Champion Air Dryers can be matched with any air compressors to provide a total solution to your compressor. Caring for the environment and easy to maintain, the dryers use environmentally friendly refrigerants and are service friendly with easy to remove panels and connections.


Sullair is pleased to introduce 4 new models of our popular CRD range of refrigerated dryers. The models CRDii050 to CRDii100 will replace models CRDii049 to CRDii095 with additional features such as digital display of dew point and a high PDP alarm as standard, while retaining the market price.

Designed for tough performance in hot, humid and dusty conditions, Champion Air Dryers easily operate in ambient temperatures up to 50°C whilst accepting compressed air inlet temperatures up to 60°C. Champion dryers effectively remove condensate, guaranteeing a low actual dew point and offering maximum efficiency.


Delivering general minimum operating costs with savings of 60% and lower energy consumption, whilst stand-by mode provides savings of up to 80%.


Some of the features of Champion Dryers are:

  • Very low pressure dew points even at partial air flows
  • Champion’s own unique condensate removal system
  • Scroll compressors reduce consumption by 30%
  • 60% saving provided by an oversized air to air heat exchanger
  • Saves power and reduces refrigerant charge
  • 100% reliable and virtually indestructible (can withstand liquid returns)
  • Extremely robust all-in-one dry pack with no connection pipes