Why Sullair?

For 50 Years, Sullair has been a leading global supplier and manufacturer of rotors, gas ends and rotary compressors. Gas ends, a critical component in any package system, are our core competency. Sullair gas ends feature proprietary rotors – designed, engineered and precision machined in the USA. Industry leading global OEM equipment manufacturers, process gas packagers and leasers rely on Sullair to provide engineered solutions that are integrated into their equipment and packages. These solutions provide years of reliable performance, minimizing downtime which leads to increased productivity, profi tability and return on investment.

Why Sullair Rotary Screw Gas Ends?

Designed for the vapor recovery process, Sullair Gas Ends are able to handle high volumes of sweet or sour natural gases. Rotary Screw compressors offer maximum efficiency/lower operating costs. Minimal capacity loss occurs as a result of essentially having only two moving parts: the asymmetrical profile rotors. Contact occurs only on a lubricated pitch-line, so wear is virtually eliminated – which also minimizes maintenance requirements.

Sullair “Bulletproof” Gas End Design
• Industry renowned for its Reliability and Dependability; life spans have been documented well in excess of 100,000 hours
Diverse Product Offering
• Broad range of rotary screw gas ends with capacities from 72 cfm to 3292 cfm and pressures up to 500 PSI
Product Focus
• Our focus is on Rotary Screw Compression Applications/Technology – pure and simple
Continuous Improvement
• Best solutions come from continuously refi ning and develop new technologies through materials, engineering and design.
US Produced
• ALL Gas ends are MANUFACTURED in the United States
• Achieved through an extensive authorized OEM network

*Specifications subject to change without notice.



Air & Drill Compressors

A rugged, two-stage rotary screw design, and the forward thinking innovation that has come to define Sullair, are the hallmarks of these powerful drill compressors assured to be a perfect match for any drilling applications.

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Process Gas Compressors

Sullair process gas compressors offer several built-in volume ratios to match pressure ratio requirements, as well as several internal gear ratio options for flexibility and economy.

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Vapor Recovery Gas Ends

Designed for the vapor recovery process, Sullair Gas Ends are able to handle high volumes of sweet or sour natural gases.

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Receiver Tanks

Your choice of T-tanks with a 400 psi pressure rating or vertical tanks with either a 400 psi or 600 psi pressure rating

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