Energy efficiency in compressed air has become a fundamental issue for any business to reduce cost and increase profit. With 73% of the cost of a compressor due to energy use, significant cost savings will be made by improving energy efficiency, as well as the added benefits of improving the performance of your system and reducing your organisation’s ‘carbon footprint’.

  • Compressed air systems use up to 10% of total industrial electricity use in Australia
  • Often an air compressor is the largest single source of energy consumption in a manufacturing facility.


Most plant operators don’t understand their compressed air system and do not know:
  • What their compressed air is costing them?
  • What pressure/s they operate at?
  • What pressure/s they need?
  • How much flow rate they really need?
  • How much compressed air is wasted?
  • What their real compressed air system efficiency is?
  • What Electricity Tariff is right for their application?

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Energy Savings

Sullair is not content with being a supplier of stationary compressed air solutions. We also strive to proivde energy savings for our users through a wide range of technologies and strategies:

Control modes

With load/unload, inlet modulation, and variable capacity control modes, Sullair can provide the compressor and control mode which will be most cost-effective for your application.

Unique VCS system

An energy saving Variable Capacity Control (VCC) system is built into the air end, and is standard beyond 110 kW. The VCC system proactively maintains stable system pressure, increasing the compressor’s output while providing energy savings of up to 17%.

Tandem (two-stage) range

Apart from an unequalled length of service life for the compressor, tandem compressors can provide energy savings of 13% at full load and energy savings of up to 30% at part load.

Powerful air treatment

Our entire range of dryers and filters is designed to minimize pressure loss.

System optimization to prevent waste

From our audit philosophy (where we identify opportunities to improve your system’s efficiency), through powerful installation control systems, through a range of loss-free condensate traps, etc., we commit ourselves to maximizing your systems efficiency and saving you money.

Long-life lubricant

With Sullube long-life fluid (8,000 hours), our screws never glaze and your separator element has a longer service life, so your electricity consumption remains stable.