The Reliable Sullair Air End

Saving You Thousands of Dollars in Energy Consumption

Sullair’s air ends are globally recognised as a superior product with an extremely long life expectancy. Sullair’s mechanical output control enables the air-end volume to be varied to match demand by increasing or decreasing the exposure of “vents” in the air-end floor with the spiral valve. Sullair is the largest manufacturer of rotary screw air-ends.

Proven Reliability

Although the principle of rotary screw compression remains the same, Sullair is continually improving materials, engineering and design of its air ends and compressor packages.

Longer Air End Life

Controlled pressure lubrication and Bearing Fluid Reservoirs (BFR) assure a reliable supply of fluid to rotating elements. Long air end bearing life, average in excess of 80,000 hours.

No Loss of Capacity or Efficiency

Sullair air ends have only two moving parts: the asymmetrical profile rotors. Contact occurs only on a lubricated pitch-line, so wear is virtually eliminated. As a result, Sullair compressors do not lose capacity or efficiency.

Lower Operating Costs

Discharge port matches ratios of volume and operating pressure for maximum efficiency. Axial air inlet avoids preheating inlet air for further savings.

Extended Warranty Options

Exclusive Sullube Extended Warranty see’s coverage extended to 5 and 10 years, even with 24/7 operation.