Compressed air must not only be clean but also efficient. From general purpose to high quality compressed air applications, Sullair filters protect your plant equipment and processes, improve your product quality and reduce your energy costs. Browse Sullair's range of high performing air filters, dryer filters, fluid filters and air/oil separators. 



  • Air Filters

    The inlet air filter is the most important filter in the compressor. By stopping contaminants at the intake filter, the system is kept cleaner, extending the life of the compressors and all other components in the system.

  • Dryer Filters

    Once air leaves a compressor, superior inline air filters ensure that the air going out to its application is as clean as it can be.

  • Fluid Filters

    Sullair fluid filters are designed and engineered specifically for use in rotary screw air compressors, as opposed to other “will-fit” filters designed for automobiles.

  • Air/Oil Seperators

    Receiver Vessels, Separator vessel - designed and manufactured to Australian pressure vessel standards.