ShopTek™ 5kW Screw Compressor-Reliable and Energy efficient

ShoptekTM delivers the latest technology in energy efficiency lowering your carbon footprint. Globally recognised Sullair air-end is designed to give maximum power consumption allowing the ShopTekTM  range of compressors a superior energy saving advantage.

Small and compact the ShopTek range is available in the following configurations.

  1. Base mounted

  2. Receiver mounted

  3. Receiver mounted with refrigerant dryer and filtration

  • Motor 5.5 kW, 7.5 HP
  • Free Air Delivery from 21.2 to 29.4 cfm
  • Pressures from 8.0 to 13.0 bar
  • Intelligent electronic control
  • Manufactured with the world-renowned Sullair air end
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Backed by a nation-wide specialist service team
  • Sullair refrigerated dryer
  • Sullair filters (pre&post)
  • 300 or 500 Litre Air Receiver
  • High Ambient dryer upgrade
  • 13 Bar Drive