ShopTek™ 37 kW Screw Compressor-Reliable and Energy efficient

ShoptekTM employs the latest industry standard technology which will deliver energy efficiencies lowering your carbon footprint. This new range of air compressors encompass the globally recognised Sullair air-end which is designed to provide the durability and extended service life leading to many years of trouble free service.

  • Motor 37 kW, 50 HP
  • Free air delivery of 224 cfm
  • 8.0 bar operating pressure
  • Intelligent electronic control
  • Manufactured with the world-renowned Sullair air end
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Backed by a nation-wide specialist service team
  • Sullair refrigerated dryer
  • Sullair filters (pre&post)
  • High Ambient dryer upgrade