Sullair drill compressors

Sullair’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) component provides a host of state-of-the-art custom design and engineering services. Here’s how. After carefully reviewing the customer’s specifications, Sullair determines whether they fit the application requirements they’ve defined after years of experience and expertise. Customers then get the most effective and efficient solutions for their compressor applications such as Sullair’s custom designed drill compressor systems, which include single-stage and two-stage air ends components, and complete modules ranging from 160 to 3850 cfm up to 500 psi in selected models.

After more than a quarter of a century, Sullair’s high powered drill compressors, which can be used with virtually any power source, are industry standards used in drilling rigs around the globe. Additional OEM tools include modular packages and receiver tanks—all masterfully engineered to meet your distinctive needs.


  • Up to 200 PSIG

    Sullair’s up to 200 psig OEM drill solutions.

  • 200 PSIG and up

    Sullair’s 200 psig and up OEM drill solutions.