Whether it’s longer life, tougher performance, lower running costs or a combination of the three, Sullair has a variety of Industrial Screw Compressors to satisfy every project.  Ranging for 4 to 450 kilowatts, our Champion and ShopTek industrial air compressors along with portable air compressors provide you with reduced energy consumption and lower service requirements.  Tell us about your project requirements and we will have a solution for you.

  • Drill Compressors

    A rugged, two-stage rotary screw design, and the forward thinking innovation that has come to define Sullair, are the hallmarks of these powerful drill compressors assured to be a perfect match for any drilling application.

  • Heavy Duty Compressors

    View Sullair's range of Heavy Duty Compressors

  • Mining Compressors

    Sullair's range of compressors perfect for the Mining Industry.

  • Small Air Compressors

    Small Air Compressors by Sullair

  • Construction Compressors

    Sullair's range of construction compressors

  • Sandblasting Compressors

    Sullair's range of air compressors used for sandblasting.