Sullair Australia Quality Policy

It is the policy of Sullair Australia to strive to meet or exceed Customer expectations in all transactions.

To ensure we meet our policy aims, we use ISO9001:2008 as our quality operating system.



Specific Policy Objectives:

  1. To ensure that customer requirements are determined, met and where possible exceeded to continually enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. To obtain recognition of the quality and reliability of our products and services as a prerequisite for the progressive and profitable growth of the Company which will allow all members of our team to benefit from stable employment, fair rewards, and opportunities for advancement.
  3. To obtain continuous improvement in all areas of the company’s operation by identifying the core processes, and monitoring / measuring / improving their effectiveness.
  4. To ensure that the company policy is communicated and understood within the organization and that it is periodically reviewed by Management for continuing suitability.


Sullair Australia recognises and plans its quality system around the belief that prevention and continuous improvement are the fundamental elements to securing and maintaining total customer satisfaction. Each employee of Sullair Australia is accountable for ensuring that internal and external customers are satisfied and will follow the quality systems and procedures detailed in the quality manual.


Fred Funnell
Managing Director