Benefits of working at Sullair

  • Great People
  • Great Product
  • Safety Culture
  • Leadership – clear vision ‘Building great customer relationships through the innovative supply and support of compressed air solutions’
  • Competitive remuneration
  • Flexibility – work life balance
  • Employee Assistance Program – free counseling service
  • Personal Injury Program – non work related injuries
  • Career development
  • Quit Smoking assistance program
  • Social club
  • Scholar Program
  • Free onsite parking
  • World class manufacturing and engineering capability
  • Long service leave – 13 weeks after 10 years.


What our employees say about us:

  • Great People

Employee highlights: * Working with great people and a great team, that’s what I love about this job they make it worthwhile coming to work every day.

  • Great Product quality and innovation

Employee highlights: * The focus on quality of products made at Sullair Australia is very high.  My department is allowed to make improvements to improve efficiency and productivity. 


  • Safety Culture
    All Employee Survey Question: How satisfied are you that safety and environmental issues are addressed in a timely manner? 90% of employees answered favourably.

    Employee highlights: *Sullair is proactive about safety.

  • Great working environment                                                                        

             Employee highlights *I enjoy the collaborative approach that we have in our company.

  • Coaching and Guidance from my Manager

    All Employee Survey Question: Does my immediate supervisor do a good job of coaching and guiding me? 71% of employees answered favourably.

  • Sullair living its Core Values of Trust Respect and Integrity

    All Employee Survey Question: Does my immediate supervisor treat me with respect and dignity? 97% of employees answered favourably.

  • Employee Development

    Employee highlights * Sullair has great training programs to help employees learn more to improve skills and knowledge. A great incentive for working at Sullair.


  • Ethical culture

    All Employee Survey Question: If I see a violation of Code of Ethics I can report it without fear of retribution against me? 92% of employees answered favourably. 


Employee highlights *Great company to work for regarding ethics training. This is the sort of company you want to work for.

  • Communication is open and employees are encouraged to ask questions

    Employee highlights *I love the All Hands Meetings – very informative and I am encouraged to ask questions.


Ongoing Initiatives that make Sullair a Great Place to Work:

  • Safety committee’s
  • Your Voice and Wellness Committee – Your voice suggestion boxes (Factory Staff)
  • Reward and Recognition Program
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Continuous Improvement Program
  • Fund raising for Charities.


*Source: 2012 All Employee Engagement Survey.