A Sullair Nitrogen generator takes the output from your compressor and produces a stream of Nitrogen appropriate for a range of applications.
One of these applications is food packaging, where Nitrogen has been used for many years. It minimises the level of oxygen present, preserve quality and significantly improve food shelf life.
Regardless of season or location, everything from exotic tropical fruits to food staples like rice and potatoes are expected to be available in the freshest condition at competitive prices. Thanks to Nitrogen gas generators, food manufacturers can package their goods in the most durable and purified manner possible and meet the demands of the dynamic food market. Some of the benefits of using Sullair Nitrogen generators for food application include: 
Preservation of product flavour, aroma, texture and nutritional value
Increased sales through high product quality
Fewer product returns
Increased production efficiency 
Better product colour and texture at point of sale
Extended shelf life
Increased export opportunities to new geographic markets
Sullair can supply both Hollow Fibre Membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen gas generators to provide a solution for every food and industrial application that requires Nitrogen gas with residual oxygen levels from 16% down to10ppm (up to 99.999 % purity).This means the use of Nitrogen as a food preservative is gaining widespread acceptance as a non-chemical method of food preservation. It improves the quality and expands the availability of perishable commodities, leaving no chemical residues.