Welcome to the September issue of ComPRESS. At Sullair we strive to develop long-term, value driven relationships with our customers. Our sales and service teams are keen to work with you to ensure your compressors, filtration and air drying packages are optimised to meet the changing demands of your business.
Our team of highly skilled, professional service technicians are backed by our supply chain team who work to ensure we have the right parts available to support your equipment. We have seen many instances where user’s air supply reliability has been compromised through the installation of the incorrect parts and fluids. In extreme cases this leads to premature air end failure and even separator fires. At a time when every maintenance dollar is precious, it is even more important to demand OEM parts and fluids for your equipment to ensure your air compression system performs to its original design parameters and you can get on with the business of serving your customers.
We wish you every success and are here to help you with any of your compressed air needs.