• 05/02/2016Roads & Civil Works Expo
    The Roads & Civil Works Expo is a comprehensive exhibition dedicated to showcasing the latest industry developments and offers from numerous suppliers. Sullair will there to showcase our range...Read More
  • 05/02/2016HIRE16
    HIRE16 is Australia’s only hire industry expo. This will provide all attendees with direct connection to people, businesses and services as well as the latest equipment and technology for the hire...Read More
  • 10/06/2015Nitrogen - Food for Thought
    A Sullair Nitrogen generator takes the output from your compressor and produces a stream of Nitrogen appropriate for a range of applications.   One of these applications is food packaging, where...Read More
  • 09/30/2015Expert Training for Expert Service
    Sullair and Champion set the benchmark for reliable compressed air supply. Our commitment to staff training enables us to remain the experts in compressed air.   Sullair Training equips our highly...Read More
  • 09/30/2015Quality Compressed Air Treatment
    From water chillers to Nitrogen gas generators, tanks and compressed air dryers, our superior range of air treatment options will be sure to improve the quality of compressed air supply.   Champion...Read More
  • 09/30/2015 A Message From Our Managing Director
    Welcome to the September issue of ComPRESS. At Sullair we strive to develop long-term, value driven relationships with our customers. Our sales and service teams are keen to work with you to ensure...Read More
  • 06/25/2015Sullair Boosts Local Presence in central west, NSW
    Sullair (Previously Champion Compressors) has expanded its service capability into the NSW Central West. Mark Tate, our factory trained technician operates out of Mudgee and is available 24/7 to...Read More
  • 06/23/2015Champion Compressors, designed in Australia
    The Champion’s History   Champion, the premium range of electrically driven, rotary screw compressors, are Australian designed providing outstanding compressed air solutions to a wide range of...Read More
  • 05/27/2015Sullair is to exhibit at Surat Basin Oil & Gas Show in Toowoomba, QLD
    Come and Join us at  Surat Basin Energy & Mining Expo from 17th to 18th of June in Toowoomba. Sullair Australia will be displaying it’s small ShopTek and Portable Compressor range of products at...Read More
  • 04/16/2015AirLinx - Remote Monitoring Programme
    Melbourne — April 12, 2015 — Sullair, an industry leader in innovative compressed air solutions since 1965, today announced the launch of a new remote monitoring programme ‘AirLinxTM’, which allows...Read More
  • 03/19/2015Sullair HRIA 2015 Expo
    Come and Join us at HRIA 2015 Expo from 29th until 30th of april in Adelaide. Sullair Australia will be displaying it’s small portable range of products at the HRIA 2015 hire and rental show. To find...Read More
  • 02/25/2015Leading Australian food producer chooses Sullair Champion compressors
    Leading Australian food producer Green's again chooses Sullair Champion compressors. Green’s is an Australian owned food manufacturing company that has been producing and distributing food products...Read More
  • 02/20/2015Lubrication in Air Compressors
    Lubricants used in Air Compressors play a vital role in the operation, reliability and longevity of the compressor. It not only lubricates the moving parts but also provides sealing and cooling to...Read More
  • 10/27/2014Sullair Australia Drill Training Course
    Sullair Australia conducted another successful High Pressure Compressor Training Course during the month of October in Toowoomba. The training was provided to 27 Drill Rig maintenance professionals...Read More
  • 10/02/2014Sullair will be exhibiting at Australian National Field Days in Borenore (NSW)
    One of  Australia's leading compressed air solutions provider,Sullair Australia will be showcasing its compressed air expertise  at the Australian National Field Days in Borenore (NSW)  from Thursday...Read More
  • 08/18/2014Sullair’s relaunched Champion brand
    Best value and performance ever Sullair’s relaunched Champion brand   Sullair Australia has relaunched its celebrated premium range of Champion compressors. Renowned for reliable performance in...Read More
  • 05/28/2014Visit us at Surat Basin Expo at Toowoomba Showgrounds
    Your invitation to Surat Basin Expo...Read More
  • 05/12/2014Sullair publishes it's first magazine "Compress"
    Sullair publishes it's first magazine "Compress" Please click to view Compress    ...Read More
  • 04/28/2014NQEXPO Industry and Resources exhibition
    Sullair Distributor Northern Controls recently exhibited at the NQEXPO Industry and Resources exhibition at the Townsville Entertainment Centre. To ‘wave the SULLAIR flag’ Graeme Smith and Shane...Read More
  • 02/04/2014Efficient and Economical ShopTek Air Compressors
    ShoptekTM is Sullair's new brand of rotary screw compressors ranging from 4 to 37 kW. Sullair's ShopTek™ compressor range delivers tough performance, reliability and energy efficiency at an...Read More
  • 01/17/2014Compressor Repair or Replace?
    Companies are often faced with the decision of ‘repair or replace’ in the event of a compressor breakdown. Repair is a viable solution if the compressor is quite new or has not done many operational...Read More