From February 19 to 22, 2014, the Sullair Asia 2014 Distributor Conference was held at the Suzhou Intercontinental Hotel. CEO of the parent company Accudyne Asia Mr. Jimmy Tang attended the conference and addressed to the participants. CEO of Sullair Asia Mr. Ye Chun reviewed with everyone the achievements made in the market in 2013 and the optimistic prospects into the 2014 market, illustrating the strategic plans for further development. Over 150 representatives from dozens of distributors across the country were invited to the conference.

During the conference, Mr. Ye from Sullair presented awards for the excellent performances achieved by the distributors over the past year. For more visionary thinking and more active atmosphere at the conference, the conference was conducted in sessions with communications and discussions covering many issues on sales and after-sale services in 2014. The representatives shared their insights and with the clash of ideas, many constructive proposals were made.

On February 22, the 2014 new product launch party was held at the Suzhou factory, the representatives visited the Sullair Asia Suzhou Factory. Mr. Ye Chun, CEO of Sullair Asia, with representatives from the distributors unveiled the LS250 product and expressed their gratitude to the Sullair distributors and all employees who had contributed their efforts to the product launch. Sullair also displayed and launched the GS15-75 spray oil-free screw air compressor, DS75-250 dry oil-free screw air compressor, LS160-280 screw compressor and many other stationary and standard products, as well as the 260 portable compressors from the portable range. With this grand launch, the well-known product of Sullair LS25S officially exited the market, leaving behind a glorious track record.

Sullair Asia Ltd. has always upheld its ideology of “To be gold, to be No. 1” and will continue its partnership of excellence with the distributors in future development, to expand the market domain and to create a wonderful future.