As the sun rises, the smoky fog emerges here and there like a playful child. With support from the company leadership, the outdoor development training been long-anticipated by employees of Sullair Corp commenced on December 7, 2013. Employees of Suzhou Sullair head for the Green Light Farm in Xishan of Suzhou in the morning fogs for a day of outdoor development training.

Before the training officially started, the trainers roused people’s mood with the slogan words of “good, excellent and marvelous”. Employees were highly motivated and lined up in four lines, every one of them excited and ready for command. The trainers responsible for the event started the development training with games, fully stimulating people and creating excellent atmosphere for the event.

Instructed by the trainers, people actively participated in the games. After a while of intense activities was the punishment with a sense of humor. Laughter was all around. The instructor asked each of the employees under punishment to say a word describing color in ABB form, and then pose as a tea kettle while saying: “I am a large tea kettle, my bottom ABB”. All the employees broke into laughter. Through such events, employees can quickly find themselves among the team and find a sense of belonging to the collective whole. Communications among employees are strengthened and training content has been enriched. 

The splendid model show and pole dancing received rounds of applauds. Eight groups of men and women thought hard to create indigenous ways of modeling different from the usual. The audience clapped their hands just as hard. The pole dancing that followed brought on even more laughter. This is a moment that tests the flexibility of men’s bodies. A simple pose of twisted squatting made lots of strong men complain. Some fell off, some knelt over… in all sorts of funny poses.

After the games, the instructors randomly divided the employees into three teams, each having a team leader elected, a unique name created along with slogan, song and formation, to enter a competition of team morale. The fog team, wild swan team and Sullair dream team all demonstrated excellent spirits. The event proceeded along several phases and levels, through which employees learned firsthand the importance of teamwork and coordination.

The “climbing over the high wall” that followed fully witnessed the courage and teamwork abilities of each of the employees. Everyone managed to challenge themselves and took courage to climb up the 4-meter tall wall without any handle. United, coordinated and with help to each other, all difficulties can be solved.

The development training for the day came to an end in laughter and cheers. Everyone says that the development training not only was an exercise of the body, but also a harvest of spiritual power. This makes us aware that in a collective whole, the coordination and teamwork are the soul of the team. Also more thoughts are given to our own approaches to work and ways of communicating with others, so that we will be more apt at our works.

The outdoor development training enhanced the cohesion and union of the team, improved the employees’ organization skills, execution capabilities, innovative abilities and confidence in the face of major differences and difficulties and is immensely helpful for improvement of communication, teamwork abilities and the sense of collective honor among the employees in their works in the future. The event is certainly a successful one.