The corporation is a social entity, and also the one that gathers families together, as each of the employees is linked to a family. To improve the corporate culture development and enhance the understanding of employees’ families of the corporation, and for the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Sullair Asia, on the sunny day of August 23 after rain, Sullair Suzhou held the “Unified forever” 2014 Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Sullair Asia and family day event. 

At 9am, family members of employees arrived at the company by shuttle bus. The novel photo shooting at the hand-print wall gave everyone wonderful memory, and was a gesture of best wishes for better future of the corporation and the families; they were also gratified by the tidy office areas, excellent facilities and equipments, and rest areas with a variety of activities all present.

At 10am sharp, we departed for the main venue of the family day events, the Fupeng Hotel by the Dushu Lake, with beautiful landscape. The beautiful lake scenery outside the hotel venue, gloriously decorated stage in the center and the colorful and interesting children’s game center pushed the event to climax. See, the little buds of Sullair were totally enjoying themselves. And there, the Sullair version of Little Apple was on show; the smiles of children and attentive looks of employees brought to the hearts of staff a warm current.

The address made by General Manager Ye brought everyone back to over two decades ago when Sullair Asia started the entrepreneurship in the small fishing village of Shenzhen; in 20 years, Sullair is now ranking among the top 3 air compressor brands in the China market. Mr. Ye personally cut the celebration cake for the 20th anniversary. Children all rushed over to share the success and joys of Sullair Asia. On top of the celebration, Mr. Ye also presented the awards for 5 years in service to employees who had been working at Suzhou Sullair for over 5 years.

In addition to the family games, we also arranged the “Voice of Sullair”– Karaoke competition, “Guardian angel – charity donations”, family interactive games, delicious lunch buffet, and family gift packages, which were well responded and participated by employees.

As a grand event for the families of the corporation, Sullair’s family day event played an important role in building in-depth communication between the enterprise and families of employees, conveying corporate culture, winning support from employees’ families, and enhancing sense of belonging and pride among employees. We hope that through these activities, employees and their families can feel the corporate culture and cohesion, and the employee family members can better understand and recognize the corporation; meanwhile , these events integrate corporate culture and family culture, consolidate the family foundation, serve as an incentive and stimulate a sense of pride in employees and their families, by which gaining understanding and support from them so that family members of employees know that their loved ones are working in safe environment at the company. Employees are thus able to work with concentration and without worries.

The success of “Unified forever” 2014 Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Sullair Asia and family day event depended on the support and participation of you and your families. We believe that these events would witness the growth of Sullair and each family and it will be a bond and bridge for communication between the company and the families.