In the midsummer of August, the random rainfall washed away the heat of the summer and brought cool breeze. Employees of Sullair brought their family members in excitement to the employee family day event under the theme of “In harmony and peace, to create a future with joint efforts” held by the company to share with their family members the corporate culture, joys of family and happiness of spending time together. The event impressed many.

Merits for celebration – Long-term service award and Technical achievement award

The company’s development is inseparable from the motivated endeavors of its employees. Generations of Sullair people have grown and advanced along with the company and gained strengths with the company’s development. Many employees who joined the company in its early days have become the mainstay of the company. As an expression of gratitude to employees for their contribution to the company for the years, on the family day, company CEO Mr. Ye Chun handed the awards for long-term service, technical innovation and advancement. Witnessed by their families, employees received the medals from CEO Mr. Ye Chun. To be able to share the honor with families made the occasion much more special. Cheers and applauds of the employees and family members drove the atmosphere to yet another height.

Award ceremony of Long-term service award

Shenzhen Sullair   Suzhou Sullair

Award ceremony of Technical achievement award

Shenzhen Sullair

A heart of union The company arranged for a special sign-in ceremony, using the family day theme background as jigsaws, with each jigsaw chosen by family of each employee and written with words of good wishes, to form into the theme together, symbolizing a big Sullair family with the families of employees and the creation of a wonderful future with joint efforts of the employees and their families.

Sullair jigsaw

 To help the families better learn and understand the work environment and achievements of employees, the company arranged for several employees to act as commentators and lead the families to visit the production line and offices of the company. The commentators’ explanation with humor roused laugher among the visitors. Families were intrigued and at the same time felt proud of the “real face” of the popular products. The tidy and safe work environment brought to them peace of mind.

Shenzhen Sullair Suzhou Sullair

Shared joys

First are the family joy shots. After signing for reception, people went to the photo shooting area to take group photos and to feel that “We are a family”. The familial love and affection are truly felt. The most popular figure was the clown with colorful balloons. Children happily surrounded him. Some wanted to squeeze his nose and some wanted to pull his wig. The variety of balloon toys made by the clown conquered all the children in an instant. This is only a beginning of the happy scenes. The singing and dancing shows of several children lighted up the atmosphere. Instructed by the host, every one of all ages took part in the interactive games. Adults are no longer as serious as usual and joined the crazy games with children. Those who have a fondness for the old days can play the hopscotch, throw the circle and candy painting; the quieter ones can indulge in the sand paintings and the sporty ones are playing Kungfu football. Children were offered inflatable slides, children’s castle and the older ones played basketball shoots and mini golf… Cheers filled the room and the normally busy and noisy workshops became an ocean of joys at this moment.  

Shenzhen Sullair Suzhou Sullair

Shared dining

After a morning of joys and funs, people moved to the hotel for buffet lunch. In the elegant and peaceful environment, people chatted over lunch. Everyone commented the same on the variety of foods: very full and very happy! We certainly hope that such events will be held more often.

Happy time flies fast. The event came to its end. But the joyous shots, the scenes of excitement, spirits, encouragement and love will always be flashing in our minds, motivating us on our journeys and to work hard for our own future and the wonderful future of Sullair.