Burst of Enthusiasm in April

----Sullair Participating in Badminton Game of Nanshan Group


In the afternoon of April 17, the badminton game of Nanshan Group started at the Zhonghan Badminton Stadium. The purpose of this game which was requested by employees was to strengthen the communication among employees and to build up their bodies. Many badminton enthusiasts of Sullair took part in and watched this game. There were four groups: men’s single, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. And multi-knockout system was adopted for this game, in which the outcome was decided through 5 matches. So you can imagine how competitive this game was!

The atmosphere of the scene was lively. The enthusiasm and active participation of everyone indicated that employees of Sullair were vigorous and enterprising. From the very beginning of the game, contestants spared no effect to compete, and everyone, regardless of girl or boy, was spirited. The score were almost equal. The girls, who usually looked delicate in the office, were totally different in the match field, and their movements and spirit were not second to those of professional players.

After two days’ fierce competition, the Top 3 came out. Friendship developed among employees and the communication among departments also improved.

This badminton game was led by Nanshan Group and organized by the trade union. Everyone actively competed in this game. Totally more than 20 employees entered for the game, which was unprecedented and also the first major badminton game of Sullair. This kind of activity we held aimed at developing active and colorful leisure time, reducing working pressures for employees, and guiding them to actively involve in healthy recreational and sports activities.

“Friendship first, competition the second” was our constant slogan. Deep friendship grew during the game, and team spirit quietly showed its strength. Although this short-time game came to an end, the bright smiles would permanently spread over everyone’s face.