(By Chen Guozhong)    In the golden autumn in October, sweet osmanthus fills the air with fragrance. And in Shenzhen in South China though autumn breeze brings a chill, greens are as fresh as in Spring. In this charming season of great comfort, organized through hard work of staff and support of management of the company, Sullair Shenzhen 2014 golden autumn team building event commenced, igniting the passion among everyone.In full anticipation we set out to the spa trip in Kangqiao of Taishan. The team is of colorfully dressed women and men, with relaxed and joyous smiles on their faces. After dinner, we lingered in the spa forest of elegant environment, warmth and comfort, listening to relaxing music and washing away all the fatigue from the journey and daily work. What a wonderful trip! In spa pools offering different therapeutic functions, groups of our colleagues engaged in relaxing and happy conversations, talking about interesting things in life, dreams and romances. Spa helps the blood circulation and therefore relaxes the body to sleep. People had a sweet sleep in the quiet night. Look at them. Everyone is full of spirit again in the morning. We took walks or sat by the lake to enjoy the fresh air, bathed in the warm dawn light. How cozy!In the morning after we started the theme activity of the event, team exploration. Motivated by the passionate calls of the outdoor exploration coach, we actively engaged ourselves in each of the activities. The most impressive ones are the “Speed 60 seconds” and “Super roller-coaster”.

  1. In “Speed 60 seconds” the team was to deduce the numbers each of them represent based on the information on the 30 cards provided by the coach, then line up by order of 1 – 30 or 30 – 1 within 60 seconds and hand to the coach. The team that took the least time would win. This is a game of speed and rapport. To minimize the time used, efficient teamwork and rational specialization of tasks must be in place in order to win. In addition, an open mind and innovative thinking are also required. 
  2. Super roller-coaster is a game where the teams are asked to design and build a basketball sliding track with fixed number of PVC pipes in 90 minutes that must meet all 5 criteria; 1) straight line diameter of above 8 meters, 2) above ground of no less than 20 cm, 3) arc of less than 160 degrees, 4) at least one S-shaped turn and 5) peak of above 50 cm, and the basketball must be able to slide from starting point to end successfully. The ball cannot be touched in the process and should not derail. All requirements are scored and the team of highest total score would win. After collecting the team goal and requirements, team members rapidly found themselves in the roles and discussed the specialization. There were the general designer, those in charge of providing clear and specific operating requirements and controlling key points, those responsible for preparing materials and sufficiency of materials, ones ready to deliver materials needed by builders and ones for publicity with posters… After a short while, the venue was filled with excitement. The process of building the roller-coaster not only is a test of practical abilities of people, but also the total duration of building works is a test on the capability of coordination in the teams. It not only required teamwork and common effort in the general sense, but also truly called for shared passion and supplementary advantages of team members for them to take advantage of their strengths noting differences and to generate synergy. The project helped us to discover our strengths and weaknesses. Those apt at thinking were intrigued to think more and to correctly perceive themselves from a different perspective. This is beneficial for people to learn to fulfill their potentials, avoid the weaknesses, rationally use resources and enhance success fate in their work and personal lives in the future. Everyone benefited a lot from the activity and felt deeply how important team cohesion is. Though the exploration activity was played out under the blazing sun, everyone was cheerful. Not a single person quit the game. Everyone persisted through the whole exploration project.

Within a short half-day, we harvested lots of laughter and touching moments. Team is not everything. A competitive team needs sound organizational system, powerful leadership, clear specialization, mutual trust, understanding and accommodating of each other. Only with these features can we accomplish our goals and tasks in a fast and efficient manner.People all shared the love for the authentic Cantonese cuisine offered during the event. Gathering is always short. Goodbye, Kangqiao. As we wave farewell, there is not a trace of regret!The rest of the day was spent in sports activities and the leisurely trip to Guifeng Mountain. According to their conditions and interests, some went hiking and some walked in the forest. As quietly as spring shower nurtures the plants, this event came to a perfect close. Let us devote ourselves to work with even greater zest tomorrow for the hard work ahead of us in the year end.In the end, we’d like to thank the planners and organizers of this event and the sponsorship from the union. We anticipate the glorious business performance of the company and for the next wonderful gathering.