Afternoon of March 11, 2015 was a happy time when all employees of SSAI gathered and President of Accudyne Industries Mr. Elmer Doty presented the CEO award in recognizing the hard work and persistent endeavors, the creation of outstanding safety improvement records and the huge progress made in reducing quality costs by all employees at SSAI in 2014.

In a humorous address, Mr. Elmer Doty thanked everyone for their achievements and expressed the expectation of even better results in 2015, which was received with warm applause. Representative of outstanding employees of SSAI Mr. He Bin, President of Sullair Asia Mr. Ye Chun, President of Accudeyne Industries Asia-Pacific region Mr. Tang Qiwu also went up stage to speak. The impromptu speech of Mr. Tang Qiwu won enthusiasm and applause of the employees with his warmth and encouragement for everyone to continue their efforts for the CEO award of 2015.

After the ceremony, representatives on the stage opened a bottle of Champaign to celebrate the honor and everyone on and off the stage had happy smiles on their faces, in the uniforms ordered by the company showing the strength and energy of team. People enjoyed delicacies, fruits and drinks prepared by the company, engaged in conversations in gourmet and tea breaks.

Meanwhile, let us all focus on the opportunities and challenges presented in year 2015. We anticipate that in 2015 all employees at Sullair will work closer together to continuously improve our performance for better results and to win the honor of CEO award again.