“Passion for sports, and passion for life” Sullair 2014 Sports Competitions were successfully held in great atmosphere on June 7th. All the athletes strived for the sports spirits of “higher, faster, stronger”, actively participating in the competitions and rivaling with their best efforts. In all competitions, 6 teams joined. Through fierce competition, the top warrior team comprised of staff from the Production Department LS20 Team, Outer Board Team, Mobile Team, Testing Team, CEO office, Facilities Department, Marketing/Small Equipment Sales Department won championship of the competitions with total score of 390. The Falcon team jointly set up by Finance Department, IT Department, Air-end Center and Supplier Development Department and the joint team of After-sales Market Department and Internal Audit Department won second and third with total scores of 340 and 290 respectively.

The 6 competitions are tug of war, triathlon, archery, board game, fitness relay and joint march. In the competition field, the athletes competed with speed, stamina and techniques, chasing one after another with great courage and persistence, which won their rounds of applauds and cheers from the audience. Off the field, they encourage each other and the atmosphere was touching.

Services at the competitions are well arranged and supports were all in place. All team members united together with excellent coordination to strive to win in the field. Off the field they cheered for encouragement to others. During the competitions, many team members helped their fellows, and the injured athletes. The spirits of sports that “friendship comes first before competition” is fully manifested.

Teams of the company actively prepare, train hard and diligently participated in the competitions. Under the excellent organization of team leaders and the hosts, the teams were of high spirits and orderly discipline. They waved banners and cheered for the athletes, and provided great services, fully demonstrating the spiritual outlook of Sullair. In the course of the competitions, all referees worked diligently in a fair and equal manner. Staff of the competitions applied great diligence and devotion to their works to ensure the orders and success of the competitions.

It is hoped that all employees will take the competitions as an opportunity, fulfill their potentials and overcome the shortcomings, and build sound foundation for future works, to endeavor to create new achievements in works, learning and activities, for a better tomorrow for Sullair.

We thank all the colleagues who provided support for the activities and hope that the positive energy of “Passion for sports, passion for life” will be expanded in the company to make fitness and health become a useful weapon for us to achieve career goals and safeguard our families.