On March 9, 4:00 pm, all employees of SSAE took part in “2014 CEO Award” ceremony in employee activity room. The ceremony was held in the form of buffet party. Mr. Elmer Doty, President of Accudyneindustries, Mr. Jimmy Tang, President of Accudyne Asia-Pacific, and Mr. Ye Chun, President of Sullair, attended the awarding ceremony. Manager Qu in Production Department presided over the ceremony.

At the beginning, Mr. Elmer Doty delivered a speech in Chinese to express his cordial congratulation to Sullair. Then, Simon Zhang, 2014 outstanding employee, accepted the trophy presented by Mr. Elmer Doty and gave his speech. Next, Mr. Ye and Mr. Jimmy Tang also delivered their speeches to express their congratulation and gratitude to everyone. After their speeches, they opened a bottle of champagne together to announce the beginning of the party. During the party, directors and managers of SSAE played the role of waiter and waitress and served all employees desserts and beverage. Everyone had fun in the party.

The awarding ceremony not only confirms all employees’ efforts in 2014 but also encourages them in their later job. This trophy is like a flag, encouraging Sullair employees to do better in the future.