The New LS25S series of air compressors are a compressor product developed based on the first generation LS25S by Sullair Asia Industrial Co., Ltd. The product inherits the advantages of stability and reliability of the first generation LS25S and continues to use the U.S. OEM varactor air end, high efficiency NEMA motor along with integrated designs and improved pneumatic inlet and discharge systems. The machine unit also offers converter apparatus for the convenience of users and is much popular and praised among customers.

Product Documents: 

  • 160-280kW

  • 26m3/min-50.1m3/min
  • 5-year warranty on compressor air end
  • 8000 hours of Sullube fluid, with self-cleaning function
  • Flexible couplings
  • Large-capacity fluid/air separation tank
  • Air inlet regulation valve, energy saving
  • Luxury computer controller
  • Sequence control, no other charges incurred
  • Nano level intake filter
  • Multistage oil separation, oil content in exhaust gas≤2ppm