Refrigerated dryers are designed for installations where pipeline temperatures are not expected to go below 35°F (2°C).

These dryers cool compressed air by mechanical refrigeration, removing the moisture and assuring that none condenses downstream, unless the air is exposed to lower temperatures.

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The Sullair RN Dryers utilize advanced heat exchanger and demister separation technology to deliver low pressure drop and outstanding performance at the lowest cost of operation.

The Sullair Refrigerated Digital (RD) compressed air dryer uses a digital controller to cycle the dryer on and off based on pre-determined dew point settings.

The Refrigerated Cycling (RC) dryer is a true thermal mass compressed air dryer that matches power consumption to actual operating conditions, where a significant amount of energy and energy cost can be saved.

Maximum inlet temperature of 240ºF (116ºC) and maximum ambient of 120ºF (49ºC) for operation in high temperature applications such as non-aftercooled piston compressors.