We employed our concept of “power through simplicity” and engineered superior tools with fewer high-wear parts and reduced air consumption requirements. Our complete line of air tools include paving breakers, chipping hammers, rock drills, rivet busters, demolition tools, concrete vibrators, needle & weld flux scalers, tampers, trench and clay diggers, air hoses and accessories.

Product Documents:
  • Paving Breakers

    We have eliminated most high-wear parts in our breakers. Fewer parts mean less wear, less maintenance, and less downtime.

  • Rock Drills

    With only two parts moving during operation, a non-corrosive automatic valve, less radial piston movement and high-tech alloys, our drills do not require special rock drill oil.

  • Heavy Duty Rock Drills

    For ease of penetration in the hardest rock

  • Chipping Hammers

    Our four-bolt backhead design reduces handle breakage and eliminates the common problem of a threaded handle-to-barrel connection coming loose, damaging the handle and internal parts.

  • Rivet Busters

    Provide the power for cutting off large rivet heads, heavy duty chipping, and concrete breaking

  • Backfill Tampers

    Quickly and efficiently compact backfill soil excavated so you can perform service line repair prior to patching the pavement.

  • Other Tools

    Other tools include concrete vibrators, demolition tools, and needle and weld flux scalers.