At Sullair, our design and engineering teams ensure that the parts used in our compressors are of the highest quality, providing years of trouble-free performance. That is why when it comes to replacement parts, it is essential to only use Genuine Sullair replacement parts.

Why? Because in today’s market, there are many companies that offer “will-fit” parts, claiming they cost less and are of the same quality as our approved OEM parts. However, in most cases if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

So ask yourself…“Is it worth the Risk?” What is the cost in both dollars and in down-time of a damaged Sullair air compressor because a decision was made to save a few bucks with “will-fit” parts?

  • Fluid Filters

    Sullair fluid filters are designed and engineered specifically for use in rotary screw air compressors, as opposed to other “will-fit” filters designed for automobiles.

  • Air Filters

    The inlet air filter is the most important filter in the compressor. By stopping contaminants at the intake filter, the system is kept cleaner, extending the life of the compressors and all other components in the system.

  • Down Stream Filters

    Once air leaves a compressor, superior downstream air filters ensure that the air going out to its application is as clean as it can be.

  • Fluids

    Sullair’s fluids are designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of today’s compressors, providing optimum performance and energy conservation.

  • Fluid Analysis

    Sullair’s comprehensive fluid analysis program eliminates the guesswork when it comes to the condition of your compressor fluid.

  • Separators

    Sullair’s Optimizer™ separators are all designed with extreme low carryover in mind, keeping more fluid in the compressor and saving you money.

  • REMAN Air End Exchange

    Our Exchange/Parts Program, supported by Sullair’s ISO 9001-2000 certified quality manufacturing processes, provides you a quality remanufactured compressor unit for aftermarket service replacement needs.